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Xopso Spanish Deals based Store

Client Detail

Hans Christ



What Client Say

To whom it may concern

XOPSO required complete website makeover, new features and new payment gateway. There were major issues in order processing and overselling that required special efforts. We came in touch with TIS Romania team and were really impressed with their approach towards branding,user experience and technical expertise.

The best things about TIS Romania are their ability to resolve complex technical issues, timely delivery of work and upfront support. Their Spanish speaking project managers saved us a lot of time and efforts.

TIS Romania did a commendable job as new XOPSO is really a huge improvement over its older version. New XOPSO can handle upto 100,000 concurrent users and process thousands of orders in a couple of minutes without a glitch. We highly recommend TIS Romania for custom development and eCommerce projects.

Technologies Used

Designing Tool: Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver
Database Server: Mysql
Scripting: Javascript
Serverside Scripting: PHP
Other Technologies: Ajax

What TIS Romania Did

After understanding project challenges, TIS Romania Technologies shared detailed document listing feature additions and updates for review of Xopso's team. Our team of UX designers and developers worked together with analysts to undertake major website improvements that not only increased traffic but also improved product sales drastically. All this was accomplished using best development technologies, and everything was done exactly as per client feedback.